Augustus Caesar's World
Augustus Caesar’s World


Augustus Caesar’s World


An overview of world history during the life of Augustus Caesar (Octavius). Wonderfully conversational tone! Recommended for grades 7–12. See full description

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Product Description

In her unique “horizontal history” approach, Foster weaves a story of the world around her central character. Rather than focusing exclusively on geo-political events, as most textbooks do, she includes stories of scientific discovery and invention, music, literature, art, and religion.

In Augustus Caesar’s World, Foster traces the seven major civilizations—Rome, Greece, Israel, Egypt, China, India, and Persia—from 4500 B.C. to the time of Augustus Caesar in 44 B.C. and culminating in 14 A.D. Readers learn not only the stories of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Marc Antony, but also the historian Livy and how Virgil came to write the Aeneid. The author then takes her readers all over the world to learn what was happening at this same time in China, Persia, India, and more.

Foster’s detailed pen and ink drawings are fresh and appealing, and her illustrated timelines give a clear sense of chronology, enriching the engaging text.

Note: The author tends to treat all religions as equal in this book. Be cautious of giving it to younger children to read. And even with older children, be sure to discuss the worldview it presents.

About the Author

“Nothing is more critical, I believe, than that children growing up in these critical explosive days should be given an understanding of American history as a part of the history of the world. Every year this grows more urgent, as increasingly rapid communication integrates world events more closely and the impact of foreign affairs on our own lives becomes more serious and immediate.” Genevieve Foster (1893–1979) wrote this nearly fifty years ago. It resonates with perhaps more truth today. Her writing style is clear, concise and fluid with her greatest strength as a storyteller being her ability to bring her readers right into the minds and times of her characters.

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Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome





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