For the Children's Sake
For the Children’s Sake



For the Children’s Sake


An inspiring and practical call to give our children the best education possible and extend learning to every aspect of life. An inviting and thoroughly Christian tour through the main ideas in a Charlotte Mason approach. See full description

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For the Children’s Sake is a book about what education can be, based on a Christian understanding of what it means to be human-to be a child, a parent, a teacher-and on the Christian meaning of life. The central ideas have been proven over many years and in almost every kind of educational situation. Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s writing is gracious, full of common sense, and brimming with practical ideas.

“This broad view of true education as the sum of all of life meant that Charlotte Mason first turned her attention to the parents. She believed that they had the most interesting and valuable vocation that exists amongst mankind. Into their love, care, and responsibility this person is placed. Charlotte Mason never spoke of education as merely taking place behind the walls of the schoolroom. She saw the home as the basic educational environment.”

“There has never been a generation when children have so desperately needed their parents’ time, thoughtful creativity, and friendship. The surrounding culture is deeply out of step with the Word of God. Other pressures threaten to take away sanity, stability, and simple humanity.

One of the greatest powers for good is a family whose members respect each other and who have learned to function, however poorly, with the rich concepts the Word of God gives us as human beings. It is almost incredible to think of the stabilizing effect ordinary families can have: not only for themselves, but as a light in a troubled generation.”

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