The Vikings
The Vikings


The Vikings


Drawing on the powerful Norse sagas, Elizabeth Janeway tells the true stories of Eric the Red, Leif, and the other daring Vikings who journeyed to North America—and their attempts to settle in that rich new land. Recommended for grades 4–6. See full description

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There was a land beyond the western seas! Of that Leif Ericsson was sure. His friend Bjarni had seen it, with its rich green forests extending to sandy shores. To put his feet down on that distant land—which today we call North America—became Ericsson’s dream, for he was a child of the sea-roving Vikings.

This books gives an authentic account of the Scandinavians who discovered Greenland and North America 500 years before Columbus—and the first European settlements there. Using a wealth of exciting source material, Elizabeth Janeway (1913—2005) brings to life this period of history—full of high adventure, duels, bloody battles, and noble men with tremendous daring and imagination.

About Landmark Books

The Vikings is a title in the beloved Landmark Books series. Landmarks are popular non-fiction books written for young readers by experts in their fields. The American history and world history titles convey stories well told by authors who have a passion for their subjects.

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Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

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Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles





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