Charlotte Mason Enrichment Curriculum

Charlotte Mason Enrichment Curriculum

Enrichments, sometimes called humanities, are what breathe life into your home school. And with our ready-to-go Charlotte Mason enrichment curriculum, you can add these wonderful subjects to your schedule in just one hour per day! See full description

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2nd Edition Coming Spring 2024

We are excited to bring you a 2nd edition of our Enrichment Studies lesson plans in Spring 2024. The new 2nd edition will feature revised literature lessons with improved lesson timing to keep lessons short but complete, new introductions to help parents set the stage for each book, and deep high school lessons using the Great Book Discussions series. The 2nd edition will also include additional guidance in good habits, foreign language, and Scripture memory lessons.

While supplies last, the 1st edition lesson plans are available on our Scratch and Dent page.

Enrichments, sometimes called beauty subjects or humanities, are what breathe life into your home school. These subjects help your students become more well-rounded people and cultivate a taste for what is beautiful.

With our ready-to-go lesson plans, you can add ten wonderful subjects to your schedule. And with Charlotte Mason’s wonderful methods, these subjects only take about an hour total each day. You’ll experience delightful lessons sprinkled throughout your school day that provide a refreshing break from more intensive subjects.

Choose any of the lesson plans below to see a full list of what’s studied. Each lesson plan book gives you a complete book list and schedule for one school year.

Lesson Plans

Purchase just the lesson plans and gather the resources from the book list on your own.


Save yourself some time with these bundles that gather the lesson plans and most of the needed resources into one place.


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