New Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece Book

We had a great time in Iowa the past two weeks. It was so good to meet all of you Iowa CMers! And while we were there, I was able to finish the next book of daily lesson plans: Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece.

As most of you know, we are working to create daily lesson plans for each of our history modules on the SCM Curriculum Guide.

This lesson plan book covers history, geography, and Bible for a full year for grades 1-12. It shows how to combine your children for those subjects, using the books listed in our newly revised history module 2.

It gives Scripture passages, reading assignments, narration ideas, teaching tips, reminders to help you locate books ahead of time, hands-on project ideas, and Charlotte-Mason style exams at the end of each term. Download the free sample and take a look.

(Yes, we’ll start working on module 3 soon!)