New Books & Things Seminar on DVD

The Books and Things Seminar DVDs and Notebook

As we mentioned last week, we are very excited about a newly-completed project. Our Books & Things Seminar is now available on DVD!

Charlotte noted how an education based on books and things can simplify our home schools. Using good living books and the things around us to educate our children is also a very economical style of homeschooling.

Some of you may remember our Books & Things article series last year that gave an overview of these principles.

This new seminar delves more deeply into finding, choosing, and using living books, as well as using the things around us to help our children learn.

We discuss many practical guidelines:

  • What makes a book a living book,
  • How to find living books,
  • How to identify twaddle,
  • What narration involves and doesn’t involve,
  • What the teacher is supposed to do and not do,
  • What the student is responsible for,
  • How to schedule books and things throughout the day,
  • What types of methods can destroy our children’s natural desire for knowledge,
  • How we, as teachers, benefit from giving our children this type of education,

And what we can expect from a child who is educated this way on books and things.

Plus, we’ve included a section on physical exercise through Swedish Drill and a section on teaching drawing. And we explain a foundational principle of Charlotte Mason education: “Education is the science of relations.”

You will find all this and more in the 4-DVD set. A 60-page notebook is included to help you organize your thoughts and to give you helpful and practical samples of what we are discussing.

Learn how an education based on books and things can simplify your home school!