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At the Texas Book Fair last weekend, we were able to help many homeschoolers who were trying to stay within their budgets. And when we would tell them about all the free resources on our Web site, it was fun to watch their eyes light up when they heard the word “free.”

So we thought many of you might like a reminder of all the free books and other resources that are available at SCM to help you homeschool with the Charlotte Mason Method.

Free Books to Download

  • Education Is—Explains the basics of a Charlotte Mason education, one that includes the atmosphere of your home, the discipline of good habits, and the life-giving ideas that come from great books and methods.
  • Masterly Inactivity—Explores the freedom that can be found when we set boundaries and then allow our children to discover and learn within those boundaries. Discusses the Charlotte Mason principle of “wise and purposeful letting alone.”
  • Smooth and Easy Days—Looks at Charlotte Mason’s common-sense ideas and practical tips for cultivating good habits in your child’s life. A great introduction to the concepts in Laying Down the Rails.
  • The Swedish Drill Teacher—Illustrates the technique of Swedish Drill that Charlotte Mason used in her schools for physical education, just in case you’re curious.
  • Book of Centuries—A downloadable file that labels the top of every two pages with dates in hundred-year increments. You can easily print it and put the pages in a notebook to create a simple Book of Centuries.

Other Free Resources

  • Manuscript Copywork—Lined manuscript paper with copywork selections already printed on it to use with beginning writers.
  • Trip Journal—Easy instructions and a downloadable file to help you create memories on your next trip . . . and also get in a little school work.
  • Scripture Memory System—Step-by-step instructions to help you put in place a simple and effective way to memorize and review Scripture using Charlotte’s recitation method.
  • Handicrafts and Life Skills list—More than fifty suggestions for handicrafts and life skills that will help keep your children’s free time profitable and prepare them for adulthood.
  • Narration Ideas—A list of suggestions to add variety to your student’s narrations.
  • Corner Bookmarks—Colorful bookmarks with Charlotte Mason sayings and a unique design that fits on the upper corner of the book’s page.

New Series Next Week

Next week we will begin a new series on “The Way of the Will.” Charlotte had some wonderful ideas and insights about our children’s wills and the shaping of their characters. Join us next week as we start the discussion, and be prepared for some “ah-ha” moments.

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  1. It is such a blessing that you offer so many wonderful freebies on your site.One of the ones that has been the most helpful to us over the past couple of years has been the Scripture Memory System.

    We acquired Well Versed Kids (Navigators) scripture memory cards many years back and were never able to successfully use the program until we found the scripture memory system described on your site.

    Realizing that it was so useful for our family, I decided to share it with others. I posted the link with some other helpful resources on a blog that I keep for the co-op we are involved with. (my virtual bulletin board)

    Thank you for helping those of us who are organizationally challenged!!

    Michelle in PA

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