New 2018–19 Calendar by Karen Andreola: Hope for Tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow School Year

We are excited to announce that this year’s personal calendar journal is written by Karen Andreola. Many of you know Karen as the beloved author of A Charlotte Mason Companion. Her gentle and practical wisdom has lighted the way for thousands to enter into Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and enjoyable methods.

Karen has written twelve encouraging articles that are tucked into the calendar, one for each month. She has also hand-picked more than 50 favorite Charlotte Mason quotes to keep you inspired and learning every week of the year.

Her theme, “Hope for Tomorrow,” shines brightly on the pages of this calendar journal. She shares her heart with you about being “more the mother, less the teacher,” about the well-fed mind and an educated and patriotic conscience, about a happy home life and the majesty of motherhood, about the pace of parenting and encouraging a scientific spirit in your children.

Here’s a sample of some of her gems of wisdom and hope that you have to look forward to in this personal calendar journal:

“A good book in the hands of a child, if it truly is a good book, will inspire wonder and joy.”

“By following Charlotte Mason’s method, the school year, in some ways, resembles summer. The home teacher is free to be more the mother, less the teacher. Living books and narration are the teachers.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of an idea. It may start small. But in the right nutritious circumstances, it grows.”

“The way to a happy home life is in understanding how a child’s soul grows.”

“No matter how consistently you work to follow habits of quiet discipline, no matter how much you aim for smooth and even days, no matter how well you prioritize and plan, just when your schedule is working well, life ushers in an interruption.”

“When a bump in the road tumbles you off your feet, pause, learn from it.”

“Following Charlotte Mason Method a child retains a sense of wonder. I’ve seen it. It’s marvelously true.”

The calendar journal provides plenty of room to write your personal notes and lots of features to help you stay organized: a year-at-a-glance calendar, monthly calendars, looking-ahead thumbnail calendars, monthly divider tabs, and a two-page spread each week. You will also find special touches, such as areas to jot down gentle reminders, personal prayer requests, and the books you are reading for your own growth and enjoyment.

Two editions of the calendar are published each year. The school-year edition takes you from July 2018 through June 2019 and is available now. The 2019 calendar year edition will be available in the fall.

Both feature Karen Andreola’s encouraging thoughts and heart’s desire that each day of the year you will gain “Hope for Tomorrow.”