Keeping Your Balance, 2017–18 Calendar Journal

charlotte mason 2017–2018 school year calendar journal

Balance is a needful, but often elusive, state. We yearn for it, yet often we don’t consciously think about it until it’s gone. When life is humming along smoothly, we don’t usually focus on possible tweaks and changes we may need to make. It’s when we lose our balance and things get wobbly, or come crashing down altogether, that we suddenly turn our attention to what we should be doing; what we need to do to regain what we have lost—and make sure we don’t lose it again.

This year don’t wait until you’ve lost your balance to think about it. Instead, take some time each month to do a little balance check and focus on keeping your balance where it should be. Our 2017–18 Personal Calendar Journal, Keeping Your Balance, will gently highlight different areas of living and homeschooling that run more smoothly when they are in balance. Each of the articles will encourage you to hopefully make any tweaks or adjustments in good time and avoid an unpleasant crash.

Now, let me be perfectly frank. I chose this theme for this coming year, not because I have mastered the secret of keeping my balance, but because I desperately need these reminders myself. I’m hoping that the regular wisdom from Charlotte Mason through encouraging monthly articles and weekly inspiring quotations will keep me focused on preserving balance in my life, my work, my home, and my home school.

Let’s face it, when you and I lose our balance it causes a big ripple effect! Because we hold many roles in life—wife, mom, teacher, friend,— when we go down we can pull several others along with us. It’s not a pleasant situation.

So join me this coming year in purposefully turning our thoughts to this important topic of keeping our balance with the 2017–18 Personal Calendar Journal.

The calendar journal features a year-at-a-glance calendar, monthly calendars, looking-ahead thumbnail calendars, monthly divider tabs, and weekly two-page spreads to help you stay organized. Plus, special touches—like areas to jot down gentle reminders, prayer requests, and books you are reading—combine to help you create a keepsake journal of your year. All with a gentle Charlotte Mason touch.

Here’s to a balanced year!