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Articles with ideas about how to appreciate art through Charlotte Mason Picture Study and how to express art through various media.

Homeschool picture study with Las Meninas by Velazquez

Picture Study FAQ: Picture Study, part 3

As we have seen over the past couple of weeks, the Charlotte Mason method of picture study is a simple yet effective way to give our children art appreciation, fill their minds with beautiful ideas, and offer even more opportunities…

CM Homeschool picture study Millet Daisies

Why We Do Picture Study

As we have been on the road this homeschool convention season, we have stayed in many hotels and eaten at many different restaurants. Two truths have been reinforced along the way, and it dawned on me that those truths also…

Hands-on Learning in the Charlotte Mason Method

Many people equate living books with the Charlotte Mason method. And that’s well and good. Living books are a big part of her approach, as we’ve discussed during recent posts. But a Charlotte Mason education is not based just on…