“I have a question for you,” says one mother. “The more I read and hear about the Charlotte Mason approach, the more I want to use it with my children. But we’ve been using a different approach for several years. Is it possible to switch now? And if so, how do I make the transition?”

Be assured that this mom is not the only one! Several moms have asked us that question recently. So we’ve put together some suggestions for those who want to make a transition from a different approach to the Charlotte Mason approach. You can read our step-by-step plan here on our website.

Of course, the plan is very flexible. We expect you to tweak it and stretch it as much as you want to in order to make it fit your family best.

And if someone you know is asking this question too, please feel free to tell them about our transition suggestions. Yes, transition is possible — and you may even find it enjoyable!