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Curriculum Guide Now Linked to Details

Ever been to one of those CM get-togethers where someone recommends a book and immediately everybody begins firing questions: “What was that title again?” “Who’s the author?” “Where can I get it?” We certainly have. Many times. Usually, the person doing the recommending ends up giving out the same information five or six times during […]

The CM Bookfinder Is Here!

“Does anyone know of a living book about beavers?” “Could someone recommend a book for my eighth grader on Johannes Kepler?” “I’m looking for good biographies of composers that would be written for younger children around first or second grade.” Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, hunting for that certain living book. It can be […]

Ready-Made Schedules

Someone recently asked if she could come to my (Sonya’s) house and be a fly on the wall for a day or two. While I certainly don’t mind having company, what this mom really wanted was help figuring out how to fit everything into a day of schooling. She wanted to see how I scheduled […]

Unexpected Down Time

Sorry you haven’t heard from us lately. Some of you may already know that Sonya had an unexpected trip to the hospital and emergency surgery. Needless to say, that turn of events required some unexpected down time. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. She’s getting stronger every day and hopes to be back up to […]

Happy New Year!

We’re excited as we look to the year ahead! We have many hopes and plans of what we want to add to Simply Charlotte Mason in the upcoming months. Here’s a short list: More free downloadsA suggested curriculum guide for twelve years of CM homeschoolingThe release of five books full of dictation exercises that contain […]

More Progress

Behind the scenes, we’re adding the finishing touches to your Personal Book Lists. We’re excited about this feature that will help you keep track of books you want to get, books you want to remember for later, books you want to borrow from the library, and books you already have. I (Sonya) was just at […]

Personal Book Lists

When you get a home library as large as ours are, it’s easy to get confused between what you thought about buying and did; what you thought about buying and decided to get from the library instead; what you want to remember to buy for a future study; what you have on your perpetual wish […]

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