Charlotte Mason Homeschool Narration Notecards

You want to give your student interesting and specific narration prompts for each chapter he reads, but sometimes you just don’t have time to pre-read all of the books on the schedule.

Or maybe you have time but you’re not quite sure how to raise the bar on the types of narrations you are asking your older students to give you.

Or perhaps baby #10 is on the way and you would just appreciate any help you can get.

We understand.

That’s why we are happy to announce Narration Notecards.

These handy, customized cards are easy to use.

  1. Read aloud a chapter from the book or assign it as independent reading.
  2. Grab the narration notecard for that chapter and select a narration idea from the list or let your student choose one. You will find a Beginner, an Intermediate, and an Advanced prompt on each card.
  3. Give your student the notecard to look at while narrating orally or in writing. The word bank of people, places, dates, and vocabulary will help with spelling and details. You can add any other words from the reading that your student would like to see spelled.

The information on the Narration Notecards can be used in many ways.

Choose a few of the key words from the notecard to highlight before you read. Write those words in a visible location and instruct your student to listen/read attentively for them. Define the chosen words if necessary.

Use a map to look up any of the places listed.

Use the dates to prompt Book of Centuries entries.

For an extra challenge, and only every once in a while, you might see if your older student can include every word on the card in his narration.

Reuse the notecards whenever you revisit those books as your children grow. You can store your Narration Notecards in an index card box and use the handy title cards as dividers between the sets.

Narration Notecards are currently available for these four books (and more are in the works):

Narration Notecards will make sure you’re always prepared to take narration to the next level. Brilliant!


  1. Whoo-hoo! Finally some awesome Narration Cards 😉 Thanks so much guys, for making these available. It’s been a bit challenging to get the proper narrations out of my middle-schooler, but I’m going to use them right away. I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

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