All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD

That’s right! We are pleased to announce that the All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar is now available on DVD. We’ve had so many requests to record this seminar and have been working on it for many months. It’s exciting to have it ready for you!

“The seminar is wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone interested in CM.” — Niki M.

The complete seminar is a 4-DVD set recorded live at an All-Day CM Seminar in Georgia. Session 1 gives some background on Charlotte Mason, then two full sessions explain how to teach each school subject the CM way, and the final session presents the Laying Down the Rails habits workshop. (Don’t worry, if you already have the habits workshop, you can order just the first three sessions of the seminar.)

“I really enjoyed the conference. You gave me a much needed boost for the school year.” — Deb H.

Our 64-page seminar notebook containing session outlines, tips, and resources is included with the DVD set.

Here is a quick video sample from one of the sessions.

“This was very encouraging and informative. I feel much more confident now and more focused.” — Dede R.

“Delightful!” — Kelly K.

Whether you’re new to Charlotte Mason, wanting to implement more of her methods, or just need a boost as you plan for next year, the All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar is sure to give you the encouragement and refreshment that you need . . . now in the comfort of your own home!