All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar DVDs and book

All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD

Available in Printed Book, Video DVD


The All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD has been discontinued. Our new Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way 12-DVD set replaces it with updated and expanded material.

The All-Day Seminar workshop notebooks are still available for those who already have the DVDs and want to host a group seminar or watch with friends.

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The Charlotte Mason method made practical, understandable, and simple!

Note: The All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar 4-disc set is out of stock and has been discontinued. This original resource has served its purpose well; but we felt it was time to update it and expand it with new material, in order to make it even more helpful. We’re excited about the new Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way 12-disc set that takes its place!

Here it is! The seminar so many of you have asked us to record!

Join Sonya Shafer at a presentation of SCM’s All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar. The seminar was recorded live, complete with questions and comments from the audience.

Whether you’re new to Charlotte Mason, want to implement more of her methods, or just need a refreshing boost for your school year, the All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD will give you the confidence and encouragement you need.

Enjoy a mini-retreat in the comfort of your home. Watch the seminar at your own pace, then keep it on hand so you can refer to its helpful explanations again and again.

The All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar works well as a stand-alone seminar or as a great companion to our Books & Things Seminar on DVD.

DVD 1: Introducing Charlotte Mason

We start off the sessions learning a little about Charlotte Mason herself, her mottoes for parents and children, and how she fits into world history. Hear the story of how her methods changed home schoolrooms. Learn how this flexible, proven, and effective approach can be put to use in home schools today. (34 minutes)

DVD 2: CM Methods

Session 2 launches into the main focus of the seminar: how to teach each school subject using Charlotte Mason methods. Lots of moms have told us that one of the highlights of the seminar is learning several of the main methods by actually doing them. It’s great practice, and you’ll learn first-hand what you are asking your children to do. This session covers History, Geography, Art, Handicrafts and Life Skills, Poetry, Bible, Scripture Memory, Spelling, and Math. (78 minutes)

DVD 3: CM Methods (continued)

The seminar is filled with more practical, hands-on experience and plenty of Q & A as we continue to look at each school subject the Charlotte Mason way. Session 3 covers Copywork, Composition, Foreign Language, Science, Nature Study, Music, Literature, and English Grammar. (71 minutes)

DVD 4: Laying Down the Rails

For the last session, we add in the Laying Down the Rails workshop on habits. This quick, practical overview of our best-selling printed book really helps moms get a jump-start on how to cultivate good habits in their homes. Good habits are the key to smooth and easy days. (45 minutes)

Seminar Notebook

This attractive 64-page seminar book outlines the subjects for all four sessions. It is packed full of helpful tips and information: great living-book sources, a list of composers for music study, a proven Scripture memory system, the artists we have enjoyed getting to know over the years, and more.

One notebook is included with each DVD set. Additional notebooks are available if you want to host a group seminar or just watch your DVDs with a friend or two.

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11 reviews for All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD

  1. :

    I wanted to share just how pleased I am with my purchase of the All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD. Sonya is an entertaining and enlightening speaker, with a talent for explaining how to put Charlotte Mason’s ideas into action on a day-to-day basis in a 21st-century homeschool setting. Having watched the series, I not only feel competent to make the transition to a CM-style education with my children; I am excited about doing so!

  2. :

    if i bought the

    1. “Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education printed book and DVD”

    and the

    2.”All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD Complete 4-DVD Seminar ”

    am I buying duplicates of anything?

    and should i watch the “All-Day” seminar or “Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education DVD” first?
    if not duplicates?

    • :

      Good question, Marjorie. The Planning Your CM Education resource does not duplicate the All-Day CM Seminar. The seminar tells you how to teach each school subject using CM methods. The Planning resource helps you determine what you want to teach and when. I would recommend you watch the seminar first to get an overview of how to do CM before designing your plan.

      • :

        Thank you so much again Sonya :)

  3. :

    I attended your conference in Jacksonville, FL a few months ago. I learned so much that I just ordered this DVD set so I can have a refresher before school begins again. Thank you so much for doing what you do so well. I think this will be a “must see” every summer to prepare for the new year.

  4. :

    I bought the whole set: the all day seminar, Laying Down the Rails, Books and Things along with the workbooks. I am so glad I bought them! I only wish I had got them last year before we started homeschooling. I feel so much more confident and focused for the coming year. Sonya does a great job presenting the material! Thank you :)

  5. :

    Thank you, Sonya, for answering Marjorie’s question:

    “Good question, Marjorie. The Planning Your CM Education resource does not duplicate the All-Day CM Seminar. The seminar tells you how to teach each school subject using CM methods. The Planning resource helps you determine what you want to teach and when. I would recommend you watch the seminar first to get an overview of how to do CM before designing your plan….”

    Your answer helped me fine-tune my order. Now, though, I’d like to inquire one step further: I understand that I should watch the ‘All-Day Seminar’ first, before the ‘Planning Your CM Education.’ But, where in the order of resources, do I watch ‘The Books and Things’ seminar? Thank you.

    • :

      The Books and Things Seminar goes more in-depth on living books and narration. It also talks some about how many books to schedule and how many pages to cover in those books per week and per day. So I would suggest you watch it after the All-Day CM Seminar and whenever you want to dig more deeply into those topics.

      You can plan and enjoy a successful year of CM homeschooling with just the All-Day CM Seminar and the Planning Your CM Education resource. Books and Things will simply give you some fine-tuning and further training whenever you’re ready for it.

  6. :

    Any chance you will ever offer a mp3 version of this seminar?

    • :

      Cathy, We would not likely offer an audio version of this seminar because it contains many visuals that are important to the content.

  7. :

    I opted to purchase this seminar since I would be unable to attend our state conference where Sonya will be speaking this year. My purchase arrived quickly and I sat down to listen to 2 cd’s that first evening and 2 cd’s the next evening. The cd’s and seminar booklet are succinct and along with the on-line schedules listed on this site, I quickly sketched out what one term might look like for each of my children in a weekly schedule just in the notes section of the booklet. It was that clearly presented to me. And the bonus is I can re-visit the seminar for clarity and encouragement. Thank you!

  8. :

    A friend of mine who had seen the seminar, purchased the dvd set and hosted a “mom culture” day where 5 of us gathered for the day, enjoyed fellowship and watched the seminar. We each had a booklet and it was fantastic as we paused it here and there and discussed it. I highly recomend doing this with a group of your friends/fellow homeschoolers. I plan on purchasing the set so that I can host this once or twice a year for the new homeschoolers I mentor. Highly recomended!!

  9. :

    At what age do you recommend going through this? My oldest is doing a lot of Kindergarten work now but was only 5 in December, so will officially be of Kindergarten age this Fall. (also have a 3 & 1 y/o) I would like to learn the CM methods–should I wait a year for this level of instruction or would it be helpful even at the K level? I don’t want to get ahead of myself & try to push her…thanks for any advice, and thanks for such wonerful resources!

    • :

      It sounds like this would be a great time for you to go through the All-Day CM Seminar. You would have ample opportunity to take it in small segments and digest all the information, so you would feel confident as you move ahead into first grade level. Many of Charlotte’s methods were designed for children ages 6 and up, so you could begin using them in December if you wanted to. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to push your little one; if anything, you will be encouraged to be gentle and use common sense as you teach your child.

  10. :

    I just finished the first 3 parts of the seminar and I just had to come and comment on how much I loved it! It has helped so much. I now have a better understanding of how to implement Charlotte’s methods, and I now have the confidence to build a curriculum I feel will fit my son! Thank you so much!

  11. :

    Hands down the best Homeschooling investment I have made! I wish I had of had this when we began schooling 2 years ago. I feel like I have a much better understanding of CM methods even though I have read a ton about her and her methods. I now feel like I’m ready to teach my children and what is reasonable to expect of them based on where they are at.

    I highly recommend this!

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