A well kept secret

We have a secret. Well, it’s not really meant to be a secret. It’s meant to be a big help to you. So we’re letting everybody know about the secret . . . that’s not supposed to be a secret. Hmm, . . . this is getting complicated. Anyway, here’s the scoop.

For nearly every book that we publish, we include a page of helpful links, practical tips, and other useful information. It’s called the “Links, updates, & tips” page. You’ll find it on each book’s page on our site.

For example, if you’re using the Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt handbook, go to our site and click on that book title in the left-side column. Once you’re on that book’s page, look in the upper right corner for the list of links. Click on “Links, updates, & tips” and you’ll find links and information to

  • Make salt dough for a salt dough map,
  • A relief map of Egypt,
  • Photographs of a shaduf,
  • An online game of Senet,
  • Recipes and instructions for making a paper maché pharaoh mask,
  • Sources for models, diagrams, and videos about the Tabernacle.

The Links & Tips page for Hours in the Out-of-Doors contains wonderful ideas for nature projects, as well as links to help you explore many aspects of nature or identify what your children find during nature study.

The Your Business Math Series’ Links & Tips page has extra pages that you can download if you need more space in your Inventory Tracker. It also has ideas of how to adapt the pet store, sports store, or book store for use in Australia, where there is no sales tax and no pennies.

The Links & Tips page for 106 Days of Creation Studies gives ideas for substitutions on out-of-print books and details on the Moody videos recommended in the lesson plans. It also has links to animated diagrams and illustrations that you might find helpful.

Of course, these links aren’t just for those using our books. Anyone who is studying a similar topic is welcome to use the information on the Links & Tips pages.

So now that you know the secret, make sure it doesn’t stay a secret. Please use the “Links, updates, & tips” pages with our blessing!

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  1. Oooooooo…goody! Thanks for letting us know. We’ll be using Genesis through Deuteronomy this year and will thoroughly enjoy the links!

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