A Thinking Love book cover

In the very first pages of her book, Home Education, Charlotte Mason challenged mothers to give their children a “thinking love.”

It’s easy to give our children an indulgent love that caters to their every whim. Or a lazy love that follows the crowd and does what is easiest. But giving them a thinking love requires effort.

Our new free e-book, A Thinking Love, walks through Charlotte’s wise counsel and practical suggestions for moms who want to consider, contemplate, and intentionally do what is best for their children.

The short chapters deal with topics like

  • The need for boundaries in our children’s lives,
  • Teaching our children the meaning of must,
  • A reminder of some simple laws of health,
  • A description of true education,
  • A caution against playing favorites,
  • Giving our children the best of Mother,
  • Dealing with faults,
  • Encouraging our children’s relationships with God,
  • And more!

This 73-page book also contains more than seventy Charlotte Mason quotes on parenting. All in all, we hope it will keep you thinking and loving in your calling as a mother.

And now, something new! We’re pleased to be able to offer this e-book in multiple formats. You can choose the usual downloadable PDF for your computer, or for those with e-book readers, we have a Kindle version along with ePub format for iPad and many other devices. This is the first of our e-books to be offered in all of these formats and we’re eager to get your feedback to help us decide how many of our other books to offer in multiple formats too.

Download your copy of A Thinking Love today as our free gift to you, then stop back and leave a comment to let us know what you think.


  1. Thank you for the book, I’ve downloaded it to read this evening 🙂
    Thanks also for formatting it to fit on my iBooks shelf!

  2. I am SO excited that you are offering books for Kindle. I bought your language arts e-book and transferred it to my new Kindle. Although I love the book and it’s been a huge help to me, I learned that the Kindle is not good for reading PDF’s. I hope you decide to sell more books in this format. 🙂

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