Poor Richard
Poor Richard


Poor Richard


A classic biography about a patriot and written by a patriot. Recommended for grades 7–9.

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From his Quaker childhood to his early days as printer’s apprentice to runaway, to stranger in the City of Brotherly Love, to the “Water American” in London, Benjamin Franklin’s youth was filled with adventures and challenges that taught him invaluable lessons about human nature. These lessons would serve him well as he grew to be a leader of the young colonies as they faced the tyranny of Britain.

As a leader in the American Revolution he was indispensable as an ambassador to England and later France where he won the hearts of the nation by his simple Quaker wisdom and geniality. All these things were accomplished while he pursued his interests as scientist, inventor, and prolific author. In everything he did, Franklin was always compelled by how he might best serve his fellow man.

This lively text, recommended for grades 7–9, exemplifies both the man and the artist. Benjamin Franklin lived in turbulent times and met those times head-on with passion and gusto. James Daugherty—ever the patriot himself—has captured that essential nature of Franklin in his energetic and dramatic three-color lithographs that reveal the neophyte as he faces the fresh soil of a young nation filled with optimism and promise.

About the Author

Before James Daugherty (1889—1974) became a noted author, he was a well-established artist having illustrated more than forty books by other authors. In Mr. Daugherty’s own books, the art and text combine gusto, exuberance, rich detail, and a masculine style singing a song of America.

Other Great Titles by James Daugherty include

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