Narration Notecards for Our Neighbors: Their Stories, Volume 1
Narration Notecards for Our Neighbors: Their Stories, Volume 1


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Narration Notecards for Our Neighbors: Their Stories, Volume 1


Ready-to-go book-specific narration questions corresponding to Our Neighbors: Their Stories, Volume 1. Help your students grow in their narration skills and save yourself some time!

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Ready-to-go narration questions!

Save yourself some time with Narration Notecards! These handy 3″ x 5″ cards give you book specific narration prompts so you’ll never be stuck for a narration question. And since each card has prompts at three skill levels, you can use the same cards for all ages, from Grade 1 all the way through high school.

Level 1 prompts are for beginning narrators of all ages. These prompts will invite your student to narrate without too much pressure, but still provide an opportunity to share what he remembers.

Level 2 prompts raise the bar for students who have experience narrating. Guide your growing narrator in writing creative narrations, such as poems or imaginary journal entries.

Level 3 prompts challenge advanced narrators with creative writing exercises or compare and contrast questions.

Our Neighbors: Their Stories Narration Notecard front example

Helps with Lesson Preparation

Each card also features a list of key words, people, places, and dates. Hand the card to a child working on a written narration for help with correct spelling—without letting him peek back at the chapter!

The word bank on the back of each card also helps you as you prepare for each lesson. Write some of the key words on a whiteboard to draw your students’ attention to them before you begin the reading. Use the key dates to help you make entries in your Book of Centuries. Look up the key places on a map and gain familiarity with world geography.

Our Neighbors: Their Stories Narration Notecard back example

Available in Two Formats

Narration Notecards are available in printed or electronic download format.

The printed notecards are printed on both sides and cut to 3″ x 5″. One side features the narration prompts and the other side gives the key people, places, dates, and vocabulary words. You also receive a full-color title card, cut a bit taller so you can use it as a divider between your Narration Notecard sets—handy if you store all your cards in an index card box!

The electronic download gives you a printable PDF with two cards, both fronts and backs, on each 8.5″ x 11″ page. Print the PDF on regular copy paper or card stock and cut the sheets in half length-wise. (One chapter on the top half, the other chapter on the bottom half.) Fold each chapter’s card to place the narration prompts on one side and the key people, places, dates, and vocabulary words on the other side.

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