Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching

Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching

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Learn how Charlotte Mason taught math from beginning numbers through algebra and geometry. A ground-breaking handbook that reveals what every parent-teacher wants to know about Charlotte’s life-related approach to mathematics. See full description →

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Also available: Charlotte Mason’s Living Math: A Guided Journey 2-disc DVD set or get the special bundle of both the DVD set and this book.

Put life into your math studies!

Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching explains step by step how Charlotte Mason taught math in a practical and life-related way from first grade through twelfth, from beginning numbers through algebra and geometry.

In this ground-breaking handbook, Richele Baburina reveals what every parent-teacher wants to know about Charlotte’s approach to teaching math. The detailed explanations are based on extensive research—information gathered from several sources that were used by Charlotte’s teachers and parents, then meticulously compared and compiled with Charlotte’s own words.

Using Charlotte Mason’s methods outlined in this book you will be able to

  • Teach math concepts in a hands-on, life-related way that assures understanding.
  • Encourage daily mental effort from your students with oral work.
  • Cultivate and reinforce good habits in your math lessons—habits like attention, accuracy, clear thinking, and neatness.
  • Awaken a sense of awe in God’s fixed laws of the universe.
  • Evaluate and supplement your chosen arithmetic curriculum or design your own.

It’s time to make math an instrument for living teaching in your home school!

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4 reviews for Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching

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    How do implement this w 4 children? Naomi

    • :

      Depending on their ages, Naomi, you could do the beginning Numbers activities all together. But be prepared to watch each child’s progress and try to enable each to go at his pace as he comprehends the concepts. Since lessons should be short (15-20 minutes), it should not take too long to work with each child separately as desired——maybe an hour or an hour and a half per day total for all four.

  2. :

    I have just received my copy, so I haven’t had time to read it thoroughly enough to comment on it. I would like to compliment the shipping department, though. Although I ordered it a week and a half before Christmas and chose standard shipping, I had the book in less than a week. I think the total turnaround time was four days.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have 2 school aged children. One 6 who I am pretty sure I can figure out how to implement this with since she isn’t that far into math anyway. But I also have a 4th grader. How do you jump in like that?

    I have the video as well and I am really enjoying watching it.

  4. :

    I am wondering if this would be a good fit with Ray’s Arithmetic? I feel I need a little hand holding on how to deliver the lessons..Thanks..

    • :

      Absolutely, Tammy. In fact, on the DVD set Richele talks about how she uses Ray’s with this method.

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