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From a penniless tramp he rose to wield more power than any other man in history. He reshaped the mind of a country, built an unstoppable army from the remnants of a crushed nation—and committed murder on an unimaginable scale. He was Adolf Hitler, and his life and deeds will—and must—always be remembered. Recommended for grades 10–12. See full description

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Adolf Hitler—der Fuehrer—rose from a childhood of obscurity to wield more power than probably any person in history. His control over his subjects was so complete that he literally shaped every aspect of their lives. Marrin carefully traces the forces that framed Hitler’s fanaticism; readers will learn of his hardhearted and abusive father and his doting and indulgent mother who continually schooled Adolf in his superiority over other children. When he was twice rejected at a prestigious art school in Vienna, Hitler’s delusional thoughts of himself sought a scapegoat for his seething anger. This was the genesis of Hitler’s raging anti-Semitism that would play out in the deaths of more than six million.

Hitler’s path to power included a heroic career as an infantryman in World War I where he earned six medals for bravery, including the Iron Cross. But Germany’s surrender plunged him into a dark depression. In this state he began to believe he was called by God to “right Germany’s wrongs, rebuild her armies, and punish the traitors.” The rest is history, and Marrin brings the tragedy of Hitler’s dark reign to the young adult reader in a manner that is honest, forthright, and sobering. Illustrated with maps and photographs.

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Dr. Albert Marrin is a master at weaving personal perspective and historical material smoothly to give readers an interesting and reliable account of the subject. He has written more than two dozen award-winning nonfiction books for young people which have been called “addictive reading” by The Horn Book. This is a wonderful clue to the type of author Marrin is. Three of his books, including Hitler and Stalin: Russia’s Man of Steel, were School Library Journal Best Books of the Year.

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