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“How many days per week should I do science?” “What about history?” “Do you think I need to do math five days a week?”

This step in the 5-step planning process will show you how to answer those questions. If you have already completed steps 1–3 (the Big Picture, Your Year, and Your Term), planning your week will be pretty simple. Here’s how.

Last time we talked about dividing your school year into three Terms and determining how many resources and parts of resources you want to complete each Term. Grab that list or chart that you made and look at what you wrote down for just one Term. We’ll concentrate on one Term at a time.

Look at all the resources you have listed for History during that one Term. Total up the number of divisions (chapters, lessons, modules, etc.) that you have written down for that Term in all of your History resources.

So, let’s say you’re planning Term 1 and you have three History books listed in that Term. Calculate the total number of chapters in those books. Let’s say there are 12 chapters in one book, 15 in another, and 9 in the third book. You would add them together and get 36 chapters in all for History.

Now all you need to do is divide that total number of chapters by the number of weeks in your Term 1. If you’re doing a typical 12-week Term, you would divide the total History chapters (36) by 12. The answer would be 3. Now you know that you need to do History three times each week (reading one chapter each time) in order to complete all the chapters you have listed.

You can do the same thing for each of the other Subjects: Calculate each Subject’s total divisions and divide that total by the number of weeks in your Term. Your answer will tell you how many days per week to do that Subject.

A couple of hints:

  • If your answer is not a whole number, round it up to the next whole number (3.62 would become 4, or 4 days per week).
  • If your answer comes out less than 1, assume that you need to do that Subject one time each week (or you’ll never actually do it!).

Once you know how many days per week you need to do each Subject, all you have to do is decide which days of the week to do them. The Weekly Schedule chart on our site will help you organize that part. Feel free to download it and print as many copies as you need.

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2 Responses to “Your Week”

  1. Katie August 28, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

    These have been great articles or blogs to get me started, but I had a suggestion. I am a visual learner. Anyway you could include pictures or something, especially with the year and term. Just an idea.

    • Doug August 30, 2010 at 9:54 am #

      Katie, You might like our Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education book and DVD. The book takes you through the planning process in detail and includes lots of charts and examples. The DVD is a recording from one of our live seminars where Sonya walks you step by step through the book and your plan.

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