A Bible study done Charlotte Mason style — that was my (Sonya’s) goal. Most Bible studies I’ve seen are the typical read-a-verse-fill-in-the-blank-then-read-the-author’s-thoughts style. Now, if we’re trying to avoid that type of approach for other subjects, why would we settle for it in this most important subject: Bible? No, there had to be a way to use Charlotte’s method of direct contact with a living book and narration for Bible study too.

Then I read again the various ways Charlotte described of interacting with a book’s passage: “He must generalise, classify, infer, judge, visualise, discriminate. . .” and something started to click. The result is Wisdom for Life: A Proverbs Bible Study for 7-12 grade students. Here’s how it works:

Step One: The student has direct contact with the Bible. He reads a chapter of Proverbs each day, looking for verses that relate to one of eight specific topics.

Step Two: He records the truths he finds, classifying them under the appropriate topics.

Step Three: After he has searched Proverbs for all it says about a topic, he summarizes his findings in a written narration.

The Wisdom for Life book guides the student through the process step-by-step and gives eight relevant topics for the study. Feel free to download a free sample.

Wisdom for Life — my first try at a Charlotte Mason-style Bible study. Let me know what you think.