Visits to South & Central America and Australia

Visits to South & Central America, Australia

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I visited New Zealand. We didn’t board an airplane or book passage on a ship; we made the trip from the floor of our school room with a map and a sweet little book, Herbert: The True Story of a Brave Sea Dog.

On the way we stopped to spend some time with two families in Australia, using Hungry Planet: What the World Eats as our guidebook.

Geography comes alive when you focus on the people who live around this world. We’re happy that our Visits to . . . geography notebooks have helped so many of you get to know families and cultures in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of a new book in that series: Visits to South & Central America and Australia!

You and your children will be guided through Australia, the countries and islands of Oceania, South America, and the countries and islands of the Caribbean as you enjoy step-by-step work with maps, a traveler’s firsthand accounts, delightful living books, and captivating photography.

A special feature of this study is the optional-but-recommended cookbook by my friend, Shirley Solis, Not Just Tacos. Discover the differences in cuisine between the countries of South America described by this Ecuador-native homeschool mom. Her authentic recipes and cultural insights will add much to your experience!

Download the sample to see the other great books we have paired with these Visits to South & Central America and Australia.