Three New Music Study with the Masters

Music Study with the Masters

Three composers.

One had to think up brand new music every single day for years.

One wrote one of his best pieces ever when he was a teenager.

One could put anything in writing to music . . . or so his friends thought.

Three men.

One had to endure a nagging, scolding wife in his home.

One enjoyed sweet fellowship with his lovely wife.

One was a bachelor who liked to hang out with his friends.

Haydn. Mendelssohn. Schubert.

Three new music studies added to our collection!

Each Music Study with the Masters portfolio includes everything you need to teach music appreciation successfully.

  • Step-by-step instructions, so you can feel confident. It takes only a few minutes each week, yet it yields amazingly rich results!
  • Two albums of music featuring each composer’s full-length works as well as his most well known pieces, so your students will grow to recognize his style.
  • Listen and Learn ideas, so you can share any fascinating stories behind the pieces and learn a bit about classical music along the way.
  • Two living biographies: a succinct and vivid A Day in the Life narrative designed for all ages, and a longer entire-life biography well-told for older students.
  • Recommended resources for further study to fuel additional discovery and heart connections with these composers and their music.

“Our family loves this music study and that is huge considering the kids were not fans of classical music.”

Shannon F.

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