New Enrichment Studies and Individual Studies

New Individual and Enrichment Studies books

One of the great things about a Charlotte Mason education is the wide variety of subjects the students get to enjoy: history, geography, Bible, science, math, and language arts; plus music study, art, nature study, picture study, handicrafts, singing, poetry, foreign language, and those wonderful family read-alouds.

The challenge with presenting all of those great subjects is the planning. It can be overwhelming to put together a year of language arts studies for each student at his or her level. It can feel daunting to select composers and their pieces, art projects, artists and their works, handicraft projects, a poet and his poems, and which books to read together, and to schedule all of them so it is doable and enjoyable in your home.

That’s where our lesson plan books come in. The lesson plan books take all of those subjects and do the decision-making and scheduling for you. The complete resource list and day-by-day plans walk you through an entire year effortlessly.

Individual Studies give you ready-made schedules for language arts, math, and science at each student’s individual grade level. Enrichment Studies do the planning for you so you can focus on enjoying a rich feast of music, art, nature, singing, poetry, literature, and more with your whole family together, grades 1–12.

We are happy to announce that Enrichment Studies, Volume 2 and Individual Studies for Grade 5 and Individual Studies for Grade 6 are now available. Simply grab the resources on the complete list and follow the daily plans.

“It is wonderfully laid out and SO incredibly simple! . . . I definitely feel more confident heading into our first year of homeschooling with this book in hand!”


“My boys (8 and almost 10) are enjoying the shorter and more varied lessons. I am continually surprised by how easy this transition from online curriculum to SCM is going. Enrichment is my favorite time of the day!”