“Does anyone know of a living book about beavers?” “Could someone recommend a book for my eighth grader on Johannes Kepler?” “I’m looking for good biographies of composers that would be written for younger children around first or second grade.” Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, hunting for that certain living book. It can be a time-consuming process. But the process just got a whole lot easier!

We’re thrilled to announce that our CM Bookfinder is now up and running! We’ve entered more than 1,000 living books into it already. You can search by keyword or topic, by school subject, by grade level, by historical time period, by geographic setting, and more! See why we’re excited? And soon you’ll be able to add your own favorites as well!

We invite you to look around and add reviews to the books you’ve used. Nothing is quite as valuable to a CM mom as a personal opinion from another CM mom who has used the book with her children.

The CM Bookfinder also has quick links to help you locate the books you’re interested in. We don’t sell them; we just point you to where you can buy them or find them for free.

(Eventually, you’ll be able to select a book from the CM Bookfinder and schedule it into your plans with the click of a button. More about the CM Organizer later!)

Come take a look at the CM Bookfinder and let us know what you think!

Update as of 3/1/07: We’re happy to announce that the CM Organizer is now online.