Reinforce Good Habits: Simple Tips for a Smooth Year, Part 4

Reinforce good habits for a happy homeschool year

The habit of full attention.

The habit of best effort.

Would your home school be any different if your students had those two habits?

Here are two tips to help you reinforce them—the last tips in this series.

Tip #4: Keep lessons short and focused.

It’s like training for a marathon.

Start by running a short distance.

Once you have conquered that short distance, nudge it a little longer.

Then a little longer.

But start short to cultivate the habit of “pay attention for the whole lesson.”

Tip #5: Emphasize quality over quantity.

Insist that the short lessons be done right the first time.

“Do it right the first time, and you’re done.”

“Do it sloppily the first time, and you have to do it over.”

They’re smart; they catch on pretty quickly.

Like you.


  1. I have greatly enjoyed this series. Greatly helpful to someone new to the CM idea. We’ve only ever homeschooled (oldest is 11 and “baby” is 5). I was raised on the workbook method, so that’s all I knew. The kids and I both really experienced workbook burnout. So we’re starting slowly with Genesis and Africa from your bookstore, along with some copy work, the Scripture memory System, and lots of good books that we love. Your website has sent a breath of fresh air into our little home ☺️ Thank you so much for all your free content, encouragement, and guidance for those of us that really need it! Blessings to you in your work!

  2. This has been tremendously helpful, Sonya. Excited to start year 1 with my daughter. Blessings to you and your team.

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