Next Steps: Subject by Subject, Part 18

Next Steps: Subject by Subject, Part 18

We hope the Subject-by-Subject series has been helpful to you. Once you know Charlotte Mason’s methods, the next step is to get a plan and gather the resources to put the methods into practice.

If you would prefer to draft your own plan, our free SCM Curriculum Guide will walk you through the process and give you our favorite resources for every subject and every grade. The Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education book and DVD will also help. With its guidance you can design a custom plan for your family in 5 simple steps.

If you would like a ready-made plan, we have Keep It Simple lesson plan books available to give you a complete step-by-step Charlotte Mason curriculum. You will receive lists of wonderful resources to gather, weekly schedules, and daily itineraries so you know which books to use on which days and how much to complete. The daily plans also include reminders of the Charlotte Mason methods you have learned about in this series.

If you would like to see those methods demonstrated and dig deeper into the details, the Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way DVD set will make the methods very practical and give you the confidence you need to teach the Charlotte Mason way.

Then all that is left is to enjoy learning and growing with your children. Many parents tell us that they find CM methods to be intuitive—what they would naturally do with their children. Charlotte Mason’s methods just make sense!

So enjoy this wonderfully natural method of learning about God, people, and the world around you. Enjoy watching your children thrive with these methods. And enjoy how much you will learn in the process.

In fact, you may start to wonder if education can really be this simple. Yes, it can . . . the delightful Charlotte Mason way.

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  1. I have been reading all of the “subject by subject” posts and saving them in Evernote for future reference. I have also purchased some items from the bookstore, including a Keep it Simple set. I have looked at several other Charlotte Mason sites and I like your materials the best. I will not be able to attend the conference in Kissimmee, but I will be attending the single day event at Old Cutler Presbyterian Church.

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