Scripture Memory System box and cards

A smiling homeschool mom greeted me at a convention recently with these words: “Love, love, love the Scripture Memory System!” Of course, her comment made me smile too. It does my heart good when I hear that other families are memorizing the Bible together and reviewing those verses regularly.

As I tell people in my Discipleship Is . . . workshop, we should be careful not to teach our children that Scripture memory is a competition, a trick to be performed for a treat, or a skill only for children. It should be none of those things. Scripture memory should be a lifelong habit and another opportunity to encourage one another and build each other up.

That’s one reason I like the Scripture Memory System so much. It is set up to be done all together as a family, at a pace that can accommodate the weakest member, and yet the constant review can challenge the strongest memory.

Using this system, you will continue to learn new verses and passages, but you will also review every verse you have learned every month or so. Yet it takes only five or ten minutes per day.

And now we are pleased to announce that a Scripture Memory System video is in place to demonstrate just how the system works. From set up to what to do each day to advancing the cards as verses are learned, this new video will walk you through the process step by step.

We—and a lot of homeschool families—are excited about this effective tool to help you hide God’s Word in your hearts! So take a look at the video and see just how simple this great Scripture Memory System can be!

New Subject-by-Subject Series Next Week

Next week we will start a new series. We will dedicate the next several weeks to going through each school subject, one at a time, and talking about what CM methods you would use to teach it.

We hope these informative posts will be a great refresher and encouragement to you! First up: Which subjects should we include in a CM education? Join us next week to start the discussion!


  1. I have really enjoyed the scripture memory system. I can’t believe how many verses the children and I have memorized since September!

  2. I look forward to the new series. I do hope the discussions cover CM high school. While I think I grasp moving the general concepts, I’d love some suggestions and ideas covering what CM looks like on a transcript and in daily education. Yes, I am just beginning the high school level next Fall so excitement and trepidation both stare me in the face. :o)

  3. I am curious how you memorize and review large sections of scripture, like Luke 2, since it would not all fit on one 3×5 card. Do you split up the cards? I am putting our box together now and we are all excited about using it this year! Thank you.

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