New SCM Book, Upcoming Workshops

Two highlights have added excitement to our July here at Simply Charlotte Mason!

First, we just published a new book — that is also an old friend.

Years (and years!) ago, when we studied Ancient Egypt for the first time, someone recommended Boy of the Pyramids as a great living book for my young children. We loved it!

I couldn’t (and still can’t) find any book that is more enjoyable and appropriate for that age group. So many books on Ancient Egypt emphasize all their gods and dwell on the mummies and the afterlife until the whole story is a study of gore and false beliefs. Boy of the Pyramids is refreshingly different!

But it was out of print even back then, and has gotten only harder to find over the years. So we were thrilled to discover that SCM could bring this book back into print for a new generation of children (and parents) to enjoy! It’s available now with its gentle mystery, wonderful storyline, and beautiful pen-and-ink illustrations.

We think Boy of the Pyramids is the best mystery of Ancient Egypt around for younger children! Download the first chapter and see what you think.

Second, we’re excited to have these upcoming SCM events in the Atlanta area:

  • Two Workshops on July 24 in Dacula, Georgia
  • All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on August 4 in Snellville, Georgia

I love getting together with you and talking “CM”! Visit our Speaking Schedule page today for registration details.