We’re excited about the new Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival that has just been started! A blog carnival is like a carnival in that it presents many things in one place. Usually the organizers announce a topic and a host blog, then everyone submits articles they have written on that topic. The host writes a post on her blog gathering it all together and linking to each article. They usually rotate topics and the host blog each time.

Today is the first carnival and the theme is nature study: “The Great Outdoors.” What great timing! So pop on over to Jacci’s blog, An Educational Life [site no longer online], and enjoy all the great encouragement and practical ideas for nature study from fellow CMers.


  1. Thanks so much for posting about the carnival! It’s been so much fun so far, and it’s wonderful to know there are other mamas out there doing the same things you are. I’ve enjoyed reading your nature study entries, Sonya. Your site continues to be such an encouraging resource for me! 🙂


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