New Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome Handbook

Matthew through Acts and Ancient Rome

When I was growing up in Sunday School and church, I heard the stories of the Bible many times. I could tell you all the details of Who, What, Why, and How. But I never thought about the When. I knew those Bible accounts were true, just like the history accounts I read were true, but I never put the two subjects together to comprehend how Bible events fit into world history events.

I also never thought about how the different Bible stories fit together. For example, I knew the story of Joseph’s being sold into slavery and eventually rising into the place of leadership in Egypt, and I knew the story of Moses and the Exodus, but I never connected the two mentally as a sort of cause and effect until I studied them with my children in chronological order. Suddenly all the pieces started fitting together!

Bible and World History

After that experience, I knew how I wanted to teach my children the Bible: in chronological order alongside world history—and I wanted to make the Bible history most important. Charlotte Mason emphasized the priority Bible lessons should have in our curriculum: “Their Bible lessons should help them to realise in early days that the knowledge of God is the principal knowledge, and, therefore, that their Bible lessons are their chief lessons” (Vol. 1, p. 251).

As our children study Bible accounts intertwined with world history, they learn to see God’s hand of sovereignty moving in the events. They come to know God’s character through His Word and begin to interpret world happenings through a Biblical worldview. They absorb God’s truth and can discern and refute false beliefs that man has embraced throughout history.

Combine All Grades

So the history modules in our SCM Curriculum Guide, especially the first three modules, approach history from that standpoint. They also show you how you can teach the same historical time period to all of your children at the same time, no matter what grades they are in. I firmly believe in the advantages that a one-room schoolhouse approach can bring. You will save time in both planning and teaching, and your children will grow together in community as they learn together and help each other.

New Handbook of Lesson Plans

I’m particularly excited about our newest handbook: Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome! This study covers the Life of Christ and the Early Church and ties those events into Ancient Rome. Even the geography readings and map drills center around the Mediterranean region and Rome.

The Charlotte Mason-style daily lesson plans will walk you through the Scripture passages and books that we suggest. You’ll also find narration ideas, teaching tips, and Book of Centuries dates to help you see how the Bible accounts fit into world history events.

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