A few years ago, when my (Sonya’s) oldest two were in the 8-12 year old range, I got this idea for a fun, living way to review math skills: We pretended that each child was the owner of a store. They each got to choose what kind of store they wanted to own. Together, we determined what items they would sell and the prices for those items. Then I wrote little orders for them to add up and figure sales tax. I gave them bills that they had to write checks to pay. And at the end of each “month” of business, they entered all their transactions into a little ledger to see how much money they had in the bank. After a couple of “business months” of running their stores, my husband John came up with the idea of adding some extra excitement to the process: Chance cards!

The children sure enjoyed running their stores! In fact, they still have their original store notebooks on their shelves today, years later. It was such a nice change of pace from regular math books, but they still did a lot of math calculations. They just didn’t think about it’s being “math.”

So here’s the good news: Those fun little stores are now available for your child as downloadable e-books! Choose from a pet store filled with fur and fish, a book store that carries classic literature, or a sports store that caters to family fun! We gathered and updated all the orders and forms, added easy-to-understand instructions for the student, and even put together a teacher book to save you time. (Yes, the Chance cards are included!)

Download our Your Business Math Series free sample and give it a try.

Just don’t tell your children that it’s a math review!

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  1. I just downloaded and printed the Pet Store math book. I am really excited about this and look forward to my 11yo son learning how to do math in a whole new way this school year!

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