Narration Notecards: A Fabulous Written Narration Idea

Charlotte Mason Narration Prompts IdeasIf you have a student who is old enough to be doing written narrations, you may have run into this dilemma:

“I want my student to spell names and places and events correctly in his narration, but I’m reluctant to allow him to look back at the chapter to make sure of those spellings. It would be too easy for him to ‘review’ as he scans the pages for the words he needs. How can I encourage correct spelling without placing temptation in his way?”

My friend Crystal came up with a great solution. She took the idea of highlighting some key words from the chapter, as we have discussed before, and expanded on it. Here’s what she does.

She grabs an index card and makes four headings: People, Places, Dates, Vocabulary. Then she pre-reads the assigned chapter and jots down key words in those four categories. She looks especially for words that could be difficult for her student to spell correctly.

She labels the card with the chapter number and pops it into the book as a bookmark for her student. He can scan the words for a preview before he reads (if reading independently) or just refer to the listed words as needed after he reads. Those word lists will give him the correct spellings without his looking back through the chapter. The Dates listings help with possible Book of Centuries entries too.

If he thinks of another word from the chapter that he wants to use in his narration, she simply adds it to the notecard.

And here’s another great idea: Crystal also uses those index cards to jot down ideas for narration prompts for each chapter. She will often list several ideas, ranging in difficulty from Beginner to Advanced. Then when a chapter is assigned, she can either select one of the narration prompts for her student or sometimes she allows the student to choose.

I love Crystal’s narration notecards!

And here is some great news: she has created some narration notecards just for you. Stay tuned for the exciting announcement next week!

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