Doctrine Notebook Now Available

Our students need to know what they believe and why. So do we adults, for that matter. We’re happy to announce that Discovering Doctrine: A Personal Bible Study is now available.

Those of you who have been looking at our Curriculum Guide recommendations for the upper grades (7–12) have probably noticed a reference to a “Doctrine notebook” that students use for several years. Discovering Doctrine is that notebook.

You probably also noticed that it’s very hard to fit all the details about that notebook in one tiny space on the Curriculum Guide chart! So be sure to download the free sample of Discovering Doctrine; it will explain how the Doctrine notebook works in detail.

Discovering Doctrine does not tell you what to believe, nor does it tell you what the author believes. It simply challenges you to notice truths about ten important doctrines as you’re reading through the Bible; it keeps your findings organized; and it helps you summarize those findings when you’re done. (Much the same way as Wisdom for Life: A Proverbs Bible Study is formatted.)

Now more than ever, our students need to be grounded in the truth of God’s Word! Give them the advantage of several years of Discovering Doctrine.