In true homeschool fashion, our children have taught themselves a lot about the Internet these past few months. As we have been building our site, they have been building a site of their own. And in true Charlotte Mason fashion, their site is all about their favorite books and authors. It’s called Incredibooks. is a safe place for your children to visit, and it will encourage them to read. Most of the books our children have mentioned and reviewed on the site are for leisure reading. If you’re looking for kids’ opinions of books, high literary standards, a Christian perspective, and flat-out honesty (plus our families’ sense of humor), take a look at

The kids have even set it up so you can order the books right from their site. Every time you purchase a book through their site, they receive a small commission to help finance their venture. And they put together a page with tips on finding out of print books too.

We’re thrilled with their project (and their checking each other’s spelling and grammar as they post reviews), and we hope will also encourage your children to pursue their interests.


  1. Are you checking your spelling? lol

    (and their checking each other’s spelling….
    should be
    and they’re checking each other’s spelling

    Jen in Oz

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