We, here at SCM, are thankful to God for

  • you, our fellow CMers who encourage us as we walk this journey alongside you;
  • our children and yours, whose faces confirm that learning can be enjoyable;
  • snow up north in Illinois and rain here in drought-ridden Georgia;
  • His provision and faithfulness to our families and yours.

As Charlotte reminded us: “Perhaps most of us fall on our knees and give thanks for special mercies that we have begged of our Father’s providing care—the restored health of one beloved, the removal of some cause of anxiety, the opening up of some opportunity that we have longed for. For such graces as these we give ungrudging thanks, and we do well; but the continual habit of thanksgiving is more” (Vol. 4, p. 193).

May today be the beginning of a habit of gratefulness to our Heavenly Father.

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  1. Sonya, I am thankful for you and your family and the information you have shared about your daughter Hannah. So, thankful that I just tagged you!

    Your page on RDI is what first turned on the light bulb for me in what has become an important part of our parenting style!!!

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