New SCM Community Forum

We’re excited to announce the latest resource on Simply Charlotte Mason: our new SCM Community Forum! Many of you have asked for a place to discuss CM topics in general and SCM-specific topics as well. It’s our pleasure to provide this forum for you all to use.

New to Charlotte Mason? There’s a place for you to ask questions and get answers from more experienced CMers.

Got a question about narration, history, or grammar? There are places for each CM subject where you can brainstorm and share suggestions with each other.

Want to just make some new CM friends? Chat on our Mom’s Porch section of the forum. Or get some advice from older moms as you try to form good habits in your children.

Think of the SCM Community Forum as a giant CM party with lots of discussions going on about various topics. We realize it’s just a blank slate right now, but it will soon become what we all make it. And this is your invitation to come join the fun!

We’ll see you there!