Habit Training Yourself — New Workshop Video

I forget which convention it was that started it all. I had just finished presenting the workshop on Laying Down the Rails, all about instilling good habits in your child’s life. As I was taking off the lapel mic and gathering my laptop, I glanced up and saw a cluster of parents hovering nearby, waiting to talk with me. They each had the same question: 

“How can I instill good habits in my child’s life when I still struggle with my own habits?”

I tried to encourage them as best I could in the few moments we had before the room began to fill up for the next workshop. Several of them walked with me back to our booth in the exhibit hall, continuing our discussion through the long hallways and down the escalator.

As we neared our booth, I saw another group of parents there. Waiting for me. All with the same question. 

And that scene has replayed over and over again at conventions all over the country. 

We, as parents, understand the power of good habits and we want our children to have that advantage; but many of us feel inadequate to equip them with those powerful habits, because we struggle with habits in our own lives—habits that either make us feel like hypocrites or that hinder us from accomplishing our goal.

The good news is that it’s never too late to form a good habit! You can successfully instill good habits in your own life. 

Many of you have read my book, Laying Down the Rails for Yourself, and have found it very helpful. (By the way, I’m pleased to announce that Laying Down the Rails for Yourself is now available as an audiobook!)

But for those of you who learn better through video, or if you just want a refresher of the main points of habit-training yourself, I’ve put together a workshop that hits the highlights of the book and adds a little more practical research and help.

The workshop is called Habit Training Yourself and is available now on DVD or streaming. 

This workshop was recorded live and has been presented all across the country. Many people have told me that it gave them hope and practical tools that they could use to get started, get back on track, and keep going with good habits in their own lives.

I hope it does the same for you!

Habit Training Yourself is available on DVD or streaming at a special introductory price through December 27.

“It is pleasant to know that, even in mature life, it is possible by a little persistent effort to acquire a desirable habit.”

(Home Education, p. 135)