Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: Summer Party Edition

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

A change of scene.

Sometimes a change of scene is the key to refreshing our wits and renewing our energy.

A biography on Charlotte Mason tells us that her daily life of teaching and supervising and corresponding and running a household “made heavy demands on her health and it became essential for her to renew her energy each summer by a total change of scene” (The Story of Charlotte Mason, p. 87).

Does that list of responsibilities sound familiar? Those words also describe the daily life of most homeschool moms I know. Perhaps you, too, would enjoy an opportunity this summer to renew your energy.

May I invite you to a change of scene? Let’s take a break this week from our series on Narration Q & A to enjoy a special summer edition of the CM Blog Carnival. In it you will find ideas to stimulate, to refresh, and to energize! Next week we will resume our series.

First, the Down the Rabbit Trail blog invites you to think about how to continue learning even during summer vacation.

Nelleke discusses Charlotte’s thoughts on the beauty of math in The Charlotte Mason Math Teacher.

Dewey’s Treehouse takes a look at the childhood memories of William Wordsworth and John Ruskin, based on Charlotte Mason’s final chapters in School Education in Ruskin and Wordsworth go under Charlotte’s microscope.

Karen Andreola shares a sweet and fun sachet craft in To Prevent Chores From Seeming Endless.

Carol discusses How to Use Books at the journey-and-destination blog.

The Next CM Blog Carnival

Every two weeks a new collection of Charlotte Mason-related blog posts is published as a blog carnival. All those who enjoy this regular boost to their spirits appreciate Amy Tuttle’s work behind the scenes, keeping it all organized. Thanks to Amy and to all those who have hosted the carnival this year!

If you have a blog and write about your Charlotte Mason home educating, feel free to join in as a contributor or a hostess. Or just follow the carnival as it is hosted at various blog “homes” through the weeks. So many wonderful ideas from which to glean!

The next Charlotte Mason blog carnival will be published on August 12 at Afterthoughts. If you would like to submit your post to be included in that collection, send a note, with a link to your post, to the organizer, Amy, at charlottemasonblogs (AT) gmail (DOT) com by August 11. Any post about CM homeschooling is welcome, but if you would like a writing prompt, the optional theme will be Education, the Science of Relations: We are Educated by Our Intimacies (Vol. 3, Ch. 17).


  1. Thank you for hosting, Sonya. For the fourth of July, our family went to a Mozart retreat that had very little to do with Charlotte Mason (except for living a full life). What a pleasant change of fair for us!

    I’m looking forward to reading all the posts!

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