Maybe it’s never happened to you, but it has to me. I’ve cooked a particular dish for years and think I know the recipe inside and out. But then one day I come across the original recipe, and lo and behold, I’ve been leaving out an ingredient! Or I’ve been cooking at the wrong temperature. Or something else in that little reminder taps me on the shoulder and points out what I’ve forgotten (or at least, remembered incorrectly).

Sometimes it’s good to go back and look at the recipe, just to make sure we’re on track.

For many of our readers, these current weeks signal the beginning of a new school year. Some may have been “cooking” the Charlotte Mason way for a long time; others may be just starting. Either way, we thought a little smattering of reminders might encourage you to go back and check the recipe to make sure you’re spreading the feast you want to spread.

So pick a topic below that you want to review and compare your practice with the recipe. Just to make sure.

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