We hope you’ve enjoyed the habit-training articles from the past few weeks. They are just a sampling of the thirteen articles and more than fifty Charlotte Mason quotes included in our new 2009 calendar journal, A Year of Smooth and Easy Days.

Smooth and Easy Days 2009 Calendar Journal

If you would like a gentle reminder and timely encouragement in habit training throughout the coming year, this personal calendar journal is for you. Besides the articles and habit-reminders quotes, it includes a list of the sixty habits Charlotte mentioned in her writings, space for prayer requests, opportunities to record the books you are reading, and lots of room for journaling. (Oh, yes, and did I mention it’s a calendar too?)

Fill it with comments on the habits you are seeking to instill in your children and yourself. Record those amusing anecdotes as they occur. And jot down the natural consequences you come up with so you can share them with other moms. Make it an appointment calendar and family diary for 2009.

However you want to use it, this calendar is a personal journal just for you. Download the free sample and take a look! The articles in the Smooth and Easy Days calendar journal are now available in a free e-book.