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Your Questions Answered: High School


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Your Questions Answered: High School

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Wisdom from veteran Charlotte Mason home educators, detailed answers to more than 60 reader-submitted questions, and personal interviews with CM homeschool graduates—all designed to help you homeschool through high school with confidence! See full description

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Product Description

You can homeschool the Charlotte Mason way through high school!

Your Questions Answered: High School gives the practical help that you need to walk through the high school years with confidence. It offers you valuable wisdom from veteran Charlotte Mason home educators, detailed answers to more than 60 reader-submitted questions, and personal interviews with CM homeschool graduates.

The clear answers and step-by-step Craft Your Plan exercises will make sure you know how to

  • customize a high school experience that fits your individual student,
  • design a schedule that works for your student and the rest of your family,
  • earn the needed credit hours while still spreading the feast of a Charlotte Mason education,
  • evaluate your student’s work and give appropriate grades,
  • create a solid transcript that reflects the work your student has accomplished,
  • level up your high schooler’s narration and composition skills,
  • guide your student to the next step after high school.

Plus, you will learn how to prepare your young adult for life with self-education, good habits, strong willpower, time-management skills, and more!

Yes, you can confidently homeschool through high school with the Charlotte Mason Method. Your Questions Answered: High School will be your guide!

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3 reviews for Your Questions Answered: High School

  1. Harterhouse

    This is my favorite resource ever from SCM. The book covers everything for our CM high school (and plans after) success. Helpful ” Craft your plan” sections after most chapters help you put into practice what you’ve learned. We CAN home educate the CM way and this resource is just the tool we need for a simple, effective, CM high school experience. Thank you, Sonya!

  2. Michelle McCollam

    I’m just sitting here in tears (the grateful kind) and I wanted to pause and say thank you. I’ve been researching, planning, (and to be honest fretting,) the past few weeks while choosing a plan for our oldest daughter’s 10th grade year of high school. Dual credit is something that we plan to incorporate soon to help make college more affordable and within reach, but this has increased my anxiety in the process. We’ve been homeschooling our four children in the CM way for several years now, but there’s something about seeing high school graduation looming ahead that makes me second guess: are we doing enough, am I equipping them enough, are they “learning all the things”? I know that learning is a lifelong endeavor, that my children know how to self educate, that education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life- all of those wonderful things that happen as a result of developing a person. Even so, tunnel vision has crept in, and my anxiety along with it. So I just wanted to thank you for the Your Questions Answered: High School. I am sitting here reading it and am reminded again why I love the Charlotte Mason method. I don’t have to sacrifice the ideals that drew me to her methods onto the altar of college preparation. If anything, this way of life in our home is going to better equip our children for college years or any other path that they choose. But even more importantly, we are equipping them for a lifelong love of learning which is worth so much more than any grading score or a graduate degree. Thank you for redirecting my perspective and widening my focus once again. Simply Charlotte Mason has been such a blessing to my family. Thank you for the wonderful materials you provide and simplifying the implementation of a method that is anything but simple.

  3. Jeannine Swickler

    “Your Questions Answered: High School” is such an excellent resource that spells out everything you need to know, the questions to be asked and provides the confidence needed to start and see the journey through. As my children drew closer I was getting nervous and starting to feel as if I was going to fail them. I found your blog posts on the subject of highschool and started to regain my nerve. It is however this book that has truly helped me decide to see our journey all the way through. All the details are there, helps, and more. Thank you Sonya!!!

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