Jesus Is Better: Lessons from Hebrews

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This book is out of print. The Hebrews study has been incorporated into Growth in the Word.

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Now you can study Hebrews together as a family!

Jesus Is Better: Lessons from Hebrews walks through the book of Hebrews and points out how Jesus is better than angels, than Moses, than the Old Testament high priest, than the Old Covenant sacrifices—better than anything!

With this Family Bible Study you will

  • Keep Their Attention—The short lessons encourage your school-age children to keep their minds engaged and interact with the others in the study.
  • Learn Directly from Scripture—Your children will learn to go to the Bible and see what it says, rather than depending on a human author to tell them. You can use any Bible translation you prefer.
  • Evaluate What They’re Learning—Each lesson provides opportunities for your children to narrate what they remember from the Scripture passage.
  • Challenge Your Older Students—Additional Studies are included for older students and adults that help them research Greek word meanings, practice more inductive Bible study methods, and look for doctrinal truths as they study.
  • Enrich Your Bible Study—The optional hymn and Scripture memory suggestions complement and reinforce your studies in Hebrews.

Exalt the Lord Jesus in your home as you learn together how Jesus Is Better!

This Bible study is incorporated into the Early Modern Times module.

Practical Homeschooling Reader Award 2014 Practical Homeschooling Reader Award 2015

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7 reviews for Jesus Is Better: Lessons from Hebrews

  1. Michelle Anglin

    Looks AWESOME! Great job once again!

  2. JennNC

    Should we all have our own copy of this book? Or just one copy for everyone participating?

    • Sonya Shafer

      For the Family Study portions, you should be able to use just the one copy.

      For the Additional Studies portions, you could either complete those with adults and older children all together, using just the one copy, or get a copy for each older children. The copyright gives you permission to make photocopies of those pages for family members, as another option.

      • JennNC

        Thanks, Sonya!

  3. Donna JO

    Next fall, my children will be going into 4th grade, 6th grade, and K4. For family Bible Study, would you suggest starting with GOAL, or Jesus is Better? or maybe it doesn’t matter which is done first? Thanks! They both look great!

    • Sonya Shafer

      The GOAL study will walk you through every chapter of the epistles, which could take quite a bit of time. In our handbooks with daily lesson plans, we spread that study out over three years. The Hebrews study, on the other hand, has only 11 lessons, so it would be finished much quicker. You can complete either one first, or do some of GOAL and then take a break and do the Hebrews study, then go back to the rest of GOAL. Whatever works best for you.

  4. momoffour

    Is this appropriate for high school students?

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, this study can be used with the entire family and is appropriate for all ages. The lessons also include Additional Studies that are geared toward older students and adults.

  5. Angie B. in GA

    Looks great!!!! Can’t wait to get it!!

  6. Jeannie

    This looks really great, but so does the GOAL study that is also listed as part of Module 5. Not that you can ever have too much of the Bible, but how do you get that all in in one year? Thoughts?

    • Sonya Shafer

      The GOAL study is set up in our curriculum guide as a three-year project. You read through the epistles chapter by chapter, covering one or two chapters per week. When you get to Hebrews, you insert a little more variety and an in-depth option by using the Jesus Is Better study to cover that book of the Bible.

      • Jeannie

        That makes sense. Thanks!!

  7. Missy

    We just started this week and I’m very excited about what we are learning in this study. I decided to make it a 4-5 day study per lesson. Day one we read the scripture, lesson, answer questions and discuss our answers. Day 2 is for learning background info. Day 3 is for Discovering Doctrine & day 4 is for reading/meditating on the passage and/or charting the comparisons. Day 5 is for copy work – copying a stanza of the Isaac Watts hymn and/or a scripture verse. My kids are all teens and I wanted all of us to dig deep. I bought each of us a spiral notebook for the study. Pages 1-10 are labeled with the 10 doctrines and are where we will record that info. The following pages are for the work we do in the lessons. I must say I love how the study is written, but I needed to tweak it a little for our needs. Thanks for a great study!

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