CM Together 2020 Session Videos
Charlotte Mason Together Retreat 2020 Session Videos


Charlotte Mason Together Retreat 2020 Session Videos


Enjoy more than 4 hours encouragement and practical sessions from the 2020 Charlotte Mason Together Retreat! See full description

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Product Description

Enjoy this collection of highlights from the 2020 Charlotte Mason Together Retreat!

Sonya Shafer, Richele Baburina, Susan Chrisman, and Karen Smith provide guidance, inspiration, and practical help in these seven sessions of encouragement, totaling more than 4 hours. Take some time to invest in your home school as you enjoy these highlights from the 2020 Charlotte Mason Together Retreat.

Enjoy a virtual mini-retreat all your own when you invite these four wonderful speakers into your home with their wisdom and encouragement. You might view the sessions with your spouse or with other homeschool friends and start connecting over Charlotte Mason’s methods together.

Sessions included:

Listening with the Ears, Eyes, and Heart
Sonya shares a brief reminder to get your heart and mind oriented in the right direction as you dive into the helpful sessions in this collection.

Jump Start into Habit Training
Get off and running with good habits as Susan helps you identify which habit to work on first and equips you with tools for success.

Fostering Good Habits in the Math Lesson
Can math reinforce good habits in your child’s life? Yes! Richele is your guide on this tour of the habits that Charlotte Mason’s wonderful approach to math will build in your child.

Nature Object Lessons
Charlotte Mason encouraged us to supplement direct nature walks with “occasional object-lessons.” This session with Karen will equip you with confidence to enjoy these simple and effective learning opportunities with your children.

Everyday Objects in the Charlotte Mason Math Lesson
Richele demonstrates how everyday objects such as coins, beads, and sticks can be used to communicate math concepts and prove facts.

Habits Q & A Panel
Join Sonya, Susan, Richele, and Karen as they answer audience questions about habit training and more.

The Gift of Attention
Sonya wraps up our time together as she shares why the habit of attention is so powerful and how we can cultivate it in our children’s lives and in our own.

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