One Word Can Change Everything: The Strong Weak-Willed Child video workshop

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Is your child strong-willed or weak-willed? You may be surprised! Online streaming video.

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The Strong Weak-Willed Child

When Sonya realized how Charlotte Mason defined strong-willed vs. weak-willed, it completely changed her attitude toward her children.

If you feel like you are constantly butting heads in a battle of the wills, this workshop could revolutionize how you view your child. In this session, recorded live at a conference in Georgia, you will gain helpful ideas that can relieve the tension, refresh your perspective, and restore the peace.

  • Learn the surprising but enlightening way that Charlotte Mason described a weak-willed child;
  • Explore how the will actually works;
  • Walk through five practical ways to help your child strengthen her will so it can make tough choices;
  • Receive additional tips and ideas for young adults and yourself.
  • Discover how to help your child choose to do what’s right, even when it’s hard.

Stop facing off in a battle against your child and start coming alongside to help that child develop the strong willpower needed for a successful life.

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