The past few months have brought about some changes for our SCM books. We think they’re good changes! Here are the details for you.

Local Printing and Order Fulfillment

We have transitioned from using an on-line print-on-demand service ( to using a local printer and carrying a small inventory of all our books. Orders are now processed locally, as well. These two changes have made possible the next two changes below.

New Pricing

Our local printer is able to give us a better cost on some of the books, and we have passed along those savings to you. You’ve probably noticed that some of our books have sported lower prices over the summer as we have made the switch in printers. Plus, we can now offer discounted pricing on sets like Spelling Wisdom and Your Business Math.

New 30-Day Guarantee

Since we’re fulfilling orders locally, we can now offer a 30-day guarantee on all our products. Our goal is to provide resources that encourage you in using the Charlotte Mason method and that fit your family. If you are not satisfied with any of the products you purchase from us, simply return them for a refund. Check out our new 30-Day Guarantee.

Reviews and Comments on SCM Products

We just added the ability to post your own reviews and comments about SCM products at the bottom of each product page. We welcome your feedback, positive or negative, about any SCM products you’ve purchased. We hope these reviews and comments will help inform future buyers as they decide if our resources will meet the needs of their families.

Yes, it’s been a busy summer! But it’s exciting to make changes that will help us serve you better. Thanks for being part of the SCM community.