Next All-Day CM Seminar in Charlotte, NC

We had a wonderful time Saturday at our All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar! Here are a couple of comments from those who attended:

“Today’s seminar was both informative and empowering! The ‘how-to’ was invaluable, the materials were excellent, and the practice — letting *us* narrate — was eye opening! Thank you all for your hard work in preparing for today; Sonya, thank you so much for leading our diverse group so openly and responsively. I came in a ‘believer’ in CM methods but left knowing I could be a confident ‘doer’ — THANK YOU!”

“I just wanted to openly say THANKS to Sonya for an eye-opening, mind-filling workshop! If you have not already seen her in ‘action’ – get to it next time around, I know I will be there!”

It’s always a treat to get to spend the day with other CMers! And we’re eager to meet more of you as we travel to Charlotte, North Carolina, the end of this month. We will be presenting our all-day seminar at Living Faith Baptist Church on Saturday, April 26, and we would love to see you there!

Here’s where you can find more details and register online


  1. Did you happen to record the event last weekend? I desperately wanted to attend, but the distance and gas prices kept me at home. I’d LOVE to purchase an MP3 of the teaching times. As someone above mentioned, I’m convinced in theory, but would love some great applications and teaching ideas to implement.


    • Thanks for asking, Jennifer. Yes, we were able to videotape last weekend’s seminar. We’ve starting importing the hours of recording and are eager to get it all put together as a useful resource. We’ll send out an e-mail just as soon as it’s ready.

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