New Woodworking Handicrafts DVD

Handicrafts Made Simple: Woodworking

As I sit at my desk, I can see so many pieces of furniture that my father has crafted from wood for our family: four beautiful bookcases that stretch to the ceiling and hold much of my precious library; a shelving unit with adjustable shelves, originally created for one daughter’s special toys and now holding another daughter’s heirloom stamp collection; two tabletop book racks to keep certain beloved books close at hand. In the other room is a custom easel that he designed and built for displaying artwork in my oversized art books. And many of you have oohed and aahed over of his woodworking craftsmanship when you see our distinctive booth at convention exhibit halls.

There is something special about having beautiful wooden furniture handcrafted by someone who loves you and whom you love. So I’m excited to announce a new DVD that will help many of you learn and improve in woodworking skills. My father has teamed up with my daughter to create Handicrafts Made Simple: Woodworking!

Rebekah and her grandfather will walk you through five different projects and demonstrate lots of woodworking skills along the way. You will learn how to craft an old-fashioned wooden toy car, a birdhouse (with a hinged door for easy cleaning), a cutting board, an easel for displaying artwork, and a tabletop book rack. Each project builds on previous lessons and introduces more skills and challenges.

We recommend this DVD for grades 6–12, and for safety’s sake, we highly encourage students to work with a supervising adult who already knows how to use the tools. Many power tools are demonstrated, but alternate handheld methods are also given throughout the series.

We hope this new Handicrafts Made Simple: Woodworking DVD will provide a helpful and fun guide to learning how to bless those around you with the art of woodworking. Special pricing is available through the end of the month, October 31—a perfect time to craft some handmade gifts for the holidays.